College Tours

Our goal is to equip students with the tools they need to decide where they want to go to school and to help them find out what steps are needed in order to be admitted.

By having the information needed right at their fingertips, students feel confident that they are making a college choice, which will be an excellent, fit with their future goals.

This chance to trade spaces, to walk in the footsteps of college students, and to gain firsthand college experience is a summer opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Educational Tours

DT was founded by an educator for educators.  Our  mission is to increase the quality of education for today’s students by providing real-life, out of the classroom exposure and experience through educational, CA Academic Content Standards based tours.  Experience and Exposure are Essential to Education.

Some educators may say, “So many standards, so many tests, so many chapters, so little time.”  And at the end of the year, while the dust begins to settle, you wish you had more time to interact with the standards, the chapters, and the students.

The DT experience will get your kids interacting with their studies in a new way, allowing them see that foreign language, history, literature, the arts, science, and any other subjects do not have to stay in the classroom.  We’ve envisioned and put together a tour that every student should experience-an experience of a lifetime.

Each tour site experience is coupled with activities to help your student synthesize and apply learning prior, during and beyond the tour. Your DT rep will provide activities, in-class worksheets, web quests, pre-tour scavenger hunt questions, along with follow-up curriculum to help facilitate learning throughout this experience.

We believe that anyone can travel, but not everyone can make a trip extraordinary. We can. Actually, We Do!  Through planning, detailed research, and contracts with several of the largest hotel chains, reliable airline carriers and bus operators, we provide a cost effective and rewarding educational tour.   The educational tours are custom designed and tailored to your needs. To ensure your satisfaction,  DT will work closely with your School during the planning stages well until your group is back home from this tour experience.

The DT experience and exposure is a valuable tool that enables educators to unpack textbooks in an all-new way.  Don’t delay; booking a tour is as easy as [email protected]